Showcase your talents with us!

The Colby Olsen Foundation is proud to present our Tucson’s Got Talent Finale series. This event will be different as there will be a preliminary round, a semi-final round, and the finale!  Share your talent for a chance to win a CASH PRIZE of up to $500 for each age group at the Tucson’s Got Talent finale! 

All proceeds benefit The Colby Olsen Foundation; an organization dedicated to raising awareness regarding issues that affect LGBTQ Youth & Seniors in our community.

Full Name *
Full Name
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Solo or Group Performance *
If performing in a group, of mixed ages, we will base the category on the majority of the age of contestants.
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- Number of performers - Equipment (mic, amps, instruments, quantity, props) - Music/Song (artist & title)
Please provide any additional information, if needed.
* Music must be received (.MP3) by October 1st for Preliminaries, and Janurary 15th for Semi-Finals. *
** If not received, you will not be eligible to perform/compete. **